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Atlanta, GA, United States
Atlanta Native Doc Wily is already creating industry buzz as an Innovator and Trend Setter for 'Cool, Southern and Fly' . Straight out of Atlanta's, Doc's unique rap style and cool fashion image has some making comparisons of Doc to artist like Kanye West, Jay-Z and OutKast. Doc is ready to display his new Music project titled "Fresh out the lab". Doc's debut album is set to release November 2011 on Wily Music and will feature music produced by Platinum Music Producer Nick Fury. Fury has produced hot tracks for such noted artist as TI and Lil Kim. Doc is no stranger to the game, getting his feet wet as a youngster with a local rap trio called 285, opening up for artist like The Goodie Mob, Bobby Brown, etc. . Crowds then felt the energy and passion of Doc's unique style and today Doc has a fast, steady growing fan base.


Doc Wily Bio

Doc Wily is the newest Hip Hop artist to emerge to the forefront from Atlanta’s MC roster.  Doc’s musical roots began in as a DJ spinning for his classmates and local parties on the Southside of ATL.  In college, he continued to DJ for the university radio station and joined with 2 other friends to form the group 285.  Produced by Def Jam Producer Midnight Black, their first collective project sold 50,000+ independently upon its debut. They toured summers and opened for platinum artists Goodie Mob. After college, the members moved on to pursue solo projects. 
Doc Wily’s record spinning and lyrical ability, fashion, and charisma makes him a great entertainer from radio to TV to film.  Doc’s music has even been featured on the soundtrack of Morgan Freeman’s Guilty By Association.  Traveling the country spinning and rapping in clubs, Doc felt compelled to record and release his own music. With great response and demand from his fans, Doc Wily will be releasing his anticipated  mixtape,FRESH OUT THE LAB, with a lineup of producers like Nick Fury, V12 The Hitman of the Affiliates, Show Stopper, and young ATL producers Weeskraw and DJ Kool.
The newest single from the FOTL mixtape is “Look at The Boy”, produced Weeskraw. Weeskraw’s signature upbeat phrases, rhythmic bells, and colorful horns of “Look at the Boy” is mixed by OutKast’s very own Dj Swiff.  With a lyrical iambic delivery from Doc, this song has the right formula to be a favorite for listeners reminiscent of the 90‘s ATL sound. Doc Wily brings another level of showmanship into his performances by simultaneously rapping and spinning his own records.  Combining the aesthetic ATL sound and current local culture into Authentic Hip Hop is Doc Wily’s movement. He wants to revitalize the reputation of Atlanta natives and the southern sound without the usual drugs and violent personas. As a DJ, Doc has the ear and connection to the fans to create music that is timeless and versatile, joining vibes from various regions to appeal to everyone worldwide. 

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